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The Reading Roadmap

In just 4 weeks, you'll know exactly WHEN and HOW to teach ALL of the must-have reading skills in your pre-k, kindergarten or first grade classroom so you can confidently make a HUGE impact in the world.


THANK YOU! You and this program have helped me understand the reading process which in turned has helped my students. We have a high EL population of Arabic/ Chaldean students. They struggle with reading. It was sad as a 4th grade teacher watching good students read at a 2nd grade level (or lower). Which means they can’t read the content area books. Back to basics! Now I am in Kdg. We discovered that rhyming is not in their language. Therefore, parents can’t even help them. Your class was the first eye opening key for me. Not just rhyming but all the building blocks of reading. A heart felt thank you. As I said you not only have helped me but my babies as well. After 35 years of teaching, you have successfully taught an old dog new tricks. Bless You.

Sami D.

Wow! This was truly a BIG help! Thank you for your expertise, your efforts to continue reaching out to us and coaching us. You've been an inspiration and blessing! How can we not go back to our classrooms with more confidence and zeal to inspire and teach these young little lives? I know I'm already excited to welcome my new Kindergarteners and open their minds to a whole world of learning! I appreciate all of your efforts and tools to help us be even better teachers!

Carolyn Q.

Wow! I had no idea I was going to receive so much! The activities are already organized and I've been using them everyday!

Tina M.

I'm working on Module 3...and HALLELUJAH! I have been looking for an all-in-one phonics assessment FOREVER!!

Jennifer L.