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The Science of Reading in Action

Discover the powerful, research-based teaching tools and strategies that will help you get MASSIVELY bigger teaching results.

In just 5 days, you will:

  • Build a rock solid understanding of what the research does (and does not!) tell us about how students learn to read. SPOILER ALERT: Instagram doesn't always get it right.
  • Discover struggling readers' biggest roadblocks and learn how to help kids quickly overcome them.
  • Dive into the 5 most important reading skills and get done-for-you ways to teach them.
  • Learn simple strategies that teach students to read 10X faster so you can get BIGGER teaching results with LESS time and effort.
  • Find out the best timing, sequence and strategies for introducing ALL of the must-know phonics rules.

And, most importantly, you'll turn that icky teacher doubt into unshakable confidence.

It all starts Sunday, July 17th!

Teachers like you are saying:

I am grateful for this streamlined info about science of reading. The tools have been so useful. My small group lessons this week have been more powerful and effective, really meeting student's needs.

Jessica Lee

Wins from the last few days include feeling relief while doing phonics warm ups. My kiddos did well with them and made me feel like we're laying a good foundation. I also feel like I have a much more clear idea of what things to do and which order to do them in when we need to fill in any reading gaps. I also had a former colleague message me about my social media posts yesterday. She was curious about the science of reading, and I was able to explain it competently. I didn't really know what SOR was a week ago, but I'm loving it now! Finally, something that makes sense, is scientifically based, and works alongside kids' brain development! No more muddled ideas of what terms mean, what order to teach phonics concepts, or feelings of "Am I doing this right??"

Ali Luttkus

I've been energized with so many new strategies and ideas to try this week during reading class and RTI centers!


My favorite takeaway are the handouts that help me teach more effectively and systematically. My teaching approach I'm sad to say before this amazing five days was all over the place. When you know better you can do better. These handouts and this amazing five days has made this possible for me to do better.

Monica Frischkorn

My favorite takeaway has been this beautiful increase of confidence as I teach my littles! Being a new teacher, I am doing my all to give my students the best education and learning experience I can give.

Courtney Osborne